Laatste nieuws over China

  • The hysteria over China's spy balloon is dangerous and unwarranted ($The Washington Post)
  • Abliz Abdulhek, Uyghur author of 'Independence or Death,' has passed away (Bitter Winter) 6 feb 2023 (Bitter Winter)
  • Podcast: Have Xinjiang's camps been closed? (The Spectator)
  • Beijing's muted response to US shooting down its balloon might be way of preparing for future in which roles are reversed (Business Insider)
  • Russia would like to see normalisation of India-China relations: Russian Ambassador (PTI)
  • China building new satellite station in Antarctica (Asia Times)
  • Taiwan's ‘new normal' of volatility and deterrence (Asia Times)
  • Why did China send a balloon? That's what great powers do, so get used to it (Asia Times)
  • Senior Taiwan opposition leader to visit China amid continued tensions (Reuters)
  • The inside story of how the US shot down the Chinese balloon ($The Washington Post)
  • China accuses US of indiscriminate use of force over balloon (AP)
  • Balloon over Latin America belongs to China, Beijing says (CNN)
  • Balloon incident reveals more than spying as competition with China intensifies (NYT)
  • Why the Chinese balloon crisis could be a defining moment in the new Cold War (CNN)
  • Les Chinois veulent tourner la page du Covid (Le Vent de la Chine)
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  • Dongguan - China Dongguan Machine Tool Exhibition
  • Changsha - DPES Changsha
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