North Korea – Threats, Instability, Escalation? / Universiteit Groningen

Forum Debate: North Korea – Threats, Instability, Escalation?
organized by SIB Groningen

Over the last year, North Korea has become a very hot topic. Especially since the election of Donald Trump, tensions between Kim Jong-un’s regime and the rest of the world seem to have come to a head. Disputes between Trump and Kim, the threat of nuclear weapons and stories about extreme human rights abuses continue to hit the headlines. In this forum, we will take a look at state of affairs around North Korea. How have North Korea’s relations with other countries changed? How stable is its dictatorship? And what are the consequences for the international community?

Political sociologist and Korea expert Christopher Green will talk about the internal political situation in North Korea. Green is currently part of a PhD project team in Korean Studies at the University of Leiden. His latest book Change and Continuity in North Korean Politics analyses recent developments in the political and ideological practices of the Kim regime. Green is also an analyst for the International Crisis Group, a transnational NGO that researches violent conflict and advocates peace-inducing policies. Moreover, he works as a Manager of International Affairs at Daily NK, a South Korean online newspaper that reports on North Korean issues.

Former China correspondent Jan van der Putten will discuss the changing relationship between North Korea and China. Between 1971 and 2003, Van der Putten worked as a correspondent in Latin America, Italy, the Balkans and China for various Dutch media, including De Volkskrant, De Groene Amsterdammer and Radio Nederland Wereldomroep. His most recent book Botsende supermachten (“Colliding Superpowers”) deals with the tensions between the world’s two leading powers: China and the United States. Could economic conflicts and nationalist sentiments possibly lead to war, or will common interests prevail?

This event is free and open to everyone.

donderdag 26 oktober 2017

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